Every year, we conduct a survey for Tuudo users to measure the students’ general satisfaction with Tuudo. Your feedback will help us develop the app and provide even more benefits to users. This time, the survey was carried out at the turn of 2022 and 2023, and a total of 11,260 students from all over Finland answered the survey. We collected feedback from both university students and upper secondary school students.

The results of the user survey show that students are mostly very satisfied with Tuudo, and the majority would recommend using Tuudo to their friends as well. Tuudo’s Net promoter score (NPS) is +45 in the upper secondary degree and even +60 in the university degree, which can be considered an excellent result.

Tuudo is part of students’ everyday life

We asked the students how often they use Tuudo and we found out that a good majority use Tuudo at least once a day. Almost 30% of university students responded that they use Tuudo 2-3 times a day and 14% more than three times a day.

Out of Tuudo’s versatile services, university students clearly use timetable the most. The timetable was also evaluated as the most useful service in Tuudo, because on a scale of 1-5, the timetable received a rating of 4.66. In addition, students use Tuudo diligently to review their study records and the menus of student restaurants. Library services, student ID, course feedback and student benefits were also mentioned in the survey, all of which were evaluated as extremely useful features. In addition, many respondents were interested in jobs and internships.

At the upper secondary education level, the set of services is slightly different from at the higher level, and not all the same services are available at every educational institution. The most important and most useful service of the second degree is the student ID and the restaurant menus, which are also clearly used by students the most. Read more about the implementation of Tuudo in upper secondary schools in Tampere.

With Tuudo, students save time and effort

Tuudo’s primary goal is to make students’ everyday life easier and smoother. When the most important services for the student can be found in the same place, the student does not have to log in to several different places, and thus they can save a lot of time and effort. In addition, Tuudo easily goes along in student’s everyday life and is quickly available on the phone.

We asked the students how much time they think they save by using Tuudo. It was a pleasure to notice that almost all of the survey respondents feel that they save at least 5 minutes every day with the help of Tuudo.

Of the university students who participated in the survey, 35% feel that they save 5 minutes a day, while 30% feel that they save 10 minutes daily by using Tuudo. More than 30% of respondents felt that they save up to 15 minutes or more per day with Tuudo, which is a really large number.

“I would recommend Tuudo to every student!”

We received a lot of praise for the fact that Tuudo brings real benefits to a student’s everyday life. The fact that the services can be found in the same place makes handling things much easier and faster. The speed and ease of use of the application came up several times and many consider Tuudo to be a real savior of everyday studying.

“Tuudo has been really useful and it has been helpful in everyday school life. It’s easier now that many things are in the same place and you don’t have to look in many places.”

“Good application, easy to use and saves time and effort in everyday life! Big thumbs up!”

“Tuudo is overall successful, easy to use and speeds up everyday life.”

“I couldn’t get through a day without Tuudo.”

Many thanks to everyone who answered the user survey! All comments and development suggestions are extremely valuable as we continue to develop Tuudo’s features and services.

More than 30 educational institutions have already chosen Tuudo as their partner. Read more about the benefits of Tuudo for educational institutions.