Achieve more

with Tuudo mobile app!

Study records

Check your study records in a visually attractive, real-time view.


Your course calendar based on your enrollments. You can add your own events as well.

Personal study plan

Plan your studies and achieve more with an easy-to-use personal study plan.

Enrolling to teaching and exams

You will also be notified, if you're about to forget!

Local services & benefits

Access to all the best services, events and benefits both on and outside of the campus.

Public transport

Smart route and timetable lookup to ease your moving around.

Restaurant menus

Detailed offerings of your local campus restaurants and cafeterias.

For Higher Education

Tuudo helps higher education institutions to achieve more. Tuudo offers a way to reach your students and to keep them in the know. Promote your services and events with enhanced mobile communications, including push notifications. Tuudo eases the burden of administrative work and helps you be more efficient.

Tuudo is an integral part of your existing IT ecosystem. Your existing student information systems, authentication mechanisms and other internal and external data sources can be integrated with Tuudo through secure and well-documented interfaces. Tuudo Content Manager lets you manage Tuudo easily and efficiently.

Joining Tuudo is quick and painless. And we'd love to tell you more about it.

For Partners

Tuudo offers a cost-efficient channel to reach millions of higher education students all around the world.

Tuudo is no old-fashioned "ad channel". Your partnership with Tuudo will be based on elements that students like to see and use, making your services attractive to the students. With Tuudo, you help students achieve more!

Tuudo offers flexible visibility. Reach out on a global scale, or tighten your focus based on geography or fields of study.

Tuudo is students' tool in everyday life. They carry it along, they use it almost all the time, come rain or shine, day and night.


Many of the best ideas have their foundations in personal needs, skills and wills to solve a problem. Tuudo is no exception. Tuudo solves the need to pull together scattered information and tools that help students achieve more in their studies and in life in general. The app was conceived by three IT students in the University of Oulu in 2015.

In order to offer the best possible solution to the problem, the three students decided to launch a startup, Caleidon Ltd, which is now developing Tuudo into a global service. Along with the founding members of the company, Caleidon Ltd and its internationalization are backed up by senior investors and their experience.


Iikka Meriläinen

Managing Director
+358 442 933 282

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Caleidon Ltd, Paavo Havaksen tie 5 F, 90570 Oulu, Finland
VAT: FI-2718095-3