Many people ask if you can sync Tuudo’s calendar and schedule with an external calendar. Yes, you can! Follow these instructions to sync your calendars into one view and manage your schedules better.

Update! Google has changed its calendar program so that the program no longer understands webcal-type links. The new version of Tuudo now offers the link protocol ‘https:’, but you can change it yourself from ‘webcal:’ to ‘https:’.

This is how it works:

Tuudo generates either iCal standard calendar files or an active calendar subscription link. These are compatible with all the most commonly used calendar apps. We recommend using the active calendar subscription link, because it is updated according to changes in schedules, whereas a calendar file only contains information at the time of download and is not updated.

The way you can merge your calendar to the calendar software depends on your phone’s operating system. iPhone merges calendars automatically, but combining with a Google calendar must be done manually.

Open the Tuudo app, go Settings using the menu on the left and select “Export schedule to external calendar app”. Then copy the calendar address generated by Tuudo and continue to merge following the instructions. If you need to transfer the address to another device, you can send it to yourself by email or messaging app, or you can type the address into the browser/calendar of the other device according to the instructions.

Add the subscription link to a Google calendar using the Google Calendar PC version by adding a new calendar. There is a + icon on the left-hand side of the window that opens the Add New Calendar from URL menu. Add the address link generated by Tuudo to the window, and the calendar will appear in Google Calendar after a short delay.

If this does not work, contact us either using Tuudo’s Contact Us service or send us an email to

Article first published on 30 August 2018.