In Tuudo Talent projects, we bring together an employer looking for an employee or an entire team and students looking for an internship, thesis assignment or other project work.

Connecting students and employers

Tuudo’s mission was clear from the beginning: we wanted to make life easier for students to manage their studies, but also to help them find the career of their dreams as effortlessly as possible. Over the past years, Tuudo’s work life content has developed a lot and today it includes hundreds of employer presentations, digital recruitment events with chats, quick interviews and webinars, not forgetting thousands of job advertisements aimed at students. More than 20,000 university students browse these advertisements every month. We have worked tirelessly to offer students new and effective ways to network with employers, but we wanted a little more.

That is why we developed Tuudo Talent, which is an intermediary service for student teams, interns and thesis workers. Its main purpose is to respond to employers’ need for project-based skills and at the same time enable employment for student or a student group for an internship or another project, such as a thesis assignment.

City of Lohja <3 Tuudo Talent

The city of Lohja was one of the first employers to choose Tuudo Talent to get help with its recruitment challenges. The problems of personnel availability were current, as it is for other municipal employers as well. However, they wanted to find out if they could somehow influence the development of attractiveness and commitment locally, even if national personnel availability problems required greater efforts.

“Tuudo’s concept convinced us and met our needs perfectly. We got a final stage student to do the research, for whom the research works as a thesis. It also feels good that, through Tuudo, the student receives an appropriate reward for his work”, commented Anu Rautiainen, human resources director of the city of Lohja.

All Tuudo Talent projects are paid for the employee. The client does not have to worry about any of the payments that typically belong to the employer, because Tuudo Talent takes care of them all. The compensation paid by the client to Tuudo Talent is determined by the duration of the project and the number of employees, and the majority of it is used for salary payment and other payments due to the employer.

Rautiainen was satisfied with Tuudo Talent from the beginning. “The initial survey was convincing. Before the actual cooperation started, Tuudo’s representatives wanted to find out exactly what we were looking for and what kind of goals we had outlined for the cooperation. The practical arrangements also progressed smoothly and with high quality.”

The project with the city of Lohja is not over yet, but we still asked if they would use Tuudo Talent again. “The cooperation has started as expected and communication is straightforward and spontaneous. With the experience we have gained so far, we would use it again,” Rautiainen sums up.

How do you get started?

At work you may encounter different kinds of challenges. Finding solutions for these challenges would benefit everyone, but you simply don’t have time to do that. As in the case of the city of Lohja, we at Tuudo have also hired students for project-based tasks to solve problems that we haven’t had time to deal with ourselves. We have used student teams, e.g. for market mapping and CRM system data analysis. The results have been excellent time after time.

Whether you have already identified a project for which you would like to recruit a project worker, or if you are only thinking about it after reading this, you can always contact the Tuudo Talent team. We will figure out your needs together, and if you want to take the assignment further, we will take care of the entire recruitment process for you. We publish a job advertisement, interview the most suitable applicants and propose them for the project. If our choices don’t feel right for you, we repeat the process. As a client, you only pay when the recruitments have been made. The majority of the fee paid to Tuudo Talent goes to the salary of the student or student team and to other employer costs managed by Tuudo Talent. On paper the student gets a job at Tuudo Talent, but they work for the client. Everyone wins in Tuudo Talent projects.

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