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What is Tuudo Talent?



More than 135,000 students in almost 30 educational institutions in Finland use Tuudo monthly. Among these students, we assemble student teams to solve the clients’ challenges. Whether it is a thesis, internship or another project, students receive a salary for their work and the client gets access to a student team on a turnkey basis.

Educational institutes using Tuudo



Employers constantly have a need to reach out and recruit students for an internship, thesis, or other development project. Students, on the other hand, just as often need an internship or thesis job as well as work experience in their chosen field. Tuudo Talent brings these parties together responsibly and easily.

How we reach students



Although student teams work for a client who needs them, Tuudo Talent holds the responsibilities of an employer. We handle the recruitment of the team from start to finish, without forgetting the payment of salary. The client who needs the students will have access to the finished team responsibly and effortlessly. In Tuudo Talent project everyone wins.

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Example of Tuudo Talent project

The company wants to examine the factors that affect the well-being of their employees so they can prevent factors that have a negative effect on the working capacity, well-being and job satisfaction of their employees in the future. Tuudo Talent finds a team of students who are specifically interested in the issues mentioned above and who want to conduct their thesis on that topic. The student team writes a thesis on a topic important to them as an assignment for a company that utilizes the results in developing the well-being of their own staff. At the same time, students receive the compensation they deserve for the work they do and while getting to know their potential future employer.


How do students benefit from Tuudo Talent?

Appropriate compensation is always paid for participating in Tuudo Talent projects. In addition to salary, students gain work experience, expand their networks, complete an internship as part of their studies or receive credits.

How do the clients benefit from Tuudo Talent?

The client does not have to worry about the recruitment process. At Tuudo Talent, we handle both the entire recruitment and employer responsibilities during the project. The client gets an access for a team or an employee to solve their problems responsibly and easily, while doing important employer brandwork.

What kind of projects can a company and students implement together?

The most typical Tuudo Talent assignments are various internships and thesis projects. However, an assignment can be any challenge or new project idea for the company, such as a development project, market research, or competitor analysis.

Is Tuudo Talent free for companies?

Because students are properly compensated for the work they do, Tuudo Talent assignments are not free. Most of the assignment price is used to pay the students’ salary and the incidental expenses of the salary.

When will the costs occur?

Costs are only occured for the client once the recruitment decisions have been made and the appropriate actors for the project have been selected. There will also be no cost if the assignment is interrupted for any reason and the contract is not renewed.

How does Tuudo Talent assignment work in practice?

Once the assignment agreement has been concluded, Tuudo Talent’s recruitment team will start searching for suitable actors based on the agreed competence profile. Applicants will be interviewed and those best suited to the project will be selected for the position. Overall, the process takes weeks to months to complete depending on the agreed scope of the project.


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