Summer is fast approaching, and you’re still looking for a job? Help!

No need to stress. You still have plenty of time to get the summer job of your dreams before the start of the holiday season. In this publication, we listed a few tips that will help you find summer jobs easier.

1. Think outside the box

Have you only been looking for summer jobs in your field of study, and you can’t seem to find a suitable one anymore? In that case, you should definitely think about options outside your field. Summer jobs teach you a lot of general skills needed in working life, which can be developed in any work field. When you apply for the first internship of your dreams after graduation, versatile work experience can be useful.

What kind of things do you like to do in your free time? Even if your free time hobbies don’t necessarily correspond to your field of study, you may find skills there that will help you secure a summer job. There are still several summer job opportunities open, and a suitable one can be found in a surprising place.

If you have completed various driver’s licenses, a hygiene or alcohol passport, a security officer course or other similar short training, it can also offer you completely new opportunities for summer job search, regardless of whether the field of the job coincides with your field of study.

2. Don’t be afraid to use your networks

It’s never too late to network. Have some of your friends got a summer job? Talk to them and ask directly if their workplaces still have summer job opportunities. You can also ask about open positions from former co-workers, fellow students, family, relatives or why not the staff of your educational institution.

The LinkedIn social media channel is convenient for quick networking. Search for interesting people in the field and location of your choice, who are responsible for recruitment, and feel free to contact them via private message. Even a short introductory video published on LinkedIn can get a lot of views in no time, as the video spreads faster than text and images on social media. The Meta channels should not be forgotten either; many recruiters also spend time on, for example, Facebook and Instagram. You can also share the same short video on those channels.

3. Send open applications

Nowadays, many jobs can be so-called hidden jobs, i.e. jobs that never comes up for an open search. Even if you don’t find any suitable summer jobs with your desired search criteria, you can send an open application to the companies you are interested in. On the company’s website, you can often easily find the contact information of the recruiting person or even an email address or form for open applications.

However, when you send open applications, remember to address each application to the exact company you are approaching. The recruiter recognizes the so-called mass applications, i.e. an application text that you have sent to several recruiters. So invest in the application even if it is open.

4. Try light entrepreneurship

If you can’t find a suitable workplace, you can also try light entrepreneurship during the summer! Develop an easy-to-implement business idea for yourself or with a friend that doesn’t require a lot of money. In Finland, there are several services for small entrepreneurs that help in the process and manage the bureaucracy for you. So, as a small business owner, you don’t have to worry about accounting or other similar things, but you can focus solely on practical operations.

All kind of entrepreneurial experience is highly valued in Finland and on the labor market. So even if you don’t make millions during the summer, you’ll still gain countless valuable experience.

5. Browse Tuudo’s Summer Jobs 2023 section

If you are a student and you use Tuudo, you can also browse the summer job listings in Tuudo’s Career paths section. Every year, we collect suitable summer jobs for students in this list in an easily browsable and filterable format. New announcements are published all the way until the summer, so if you don’t immediately find a suitable place for you, visit Tuudo list several times. Maybe next time the summer job of your dreams is waiting for you there!

Employer tips

At the moment, there are still multiple employers looking for summer workers at Tuudo’s summer work section. For example Tokmanni, Arina, Eltel, City of Iisalmi, Viafin, Siun Sote, Mehiläinen Terapiaklinikka, Pohde, DSV, Nordjobb, KPMG, Transval, M&J Dynasty, Lapland welfare area, Olvi, Kesko, VEO and many others.