Quality content and its targeted advertising are an integral part of digital recruitment.

It is important that your content responds to the concerns and wishes of your target group in order to get the desired results from recruitment marketing. So, have a look on the following ideas for content generation:

1. Employee stories

At best, employee stories answer questions that puzzle the applicant, as well as show how you can grow and develop within the company. Pay attention that the employee story matches the vacancy. An employee doing similar work could talk about their own experiences. Videos and different kinds of texts work well, and you can make several shorter social media posts of the story.

2. Corporate culture, work community and work tasks

An honest and clearly described company culture, work community, and job responsibilities will help attract the most appropriate people for your company’s practices. Applicants want to know what kind of environment they would work in and what is expected of them, in which case an unrealistic image may disappoint new employees and thus increase staff turnover. For students, these experiences form the basis for a company image for the rest of their career.

3. The benefits of your company

Do you offer a competitive salary, vantage point and support for leisure activities? These clichés don’t increase trust, so show how the things you promise will work out in practice. For example, do you offer support for reconciling family life and work? You can make a blog article about how the benefit has been actualized. Based on Tuudo’s working life surveys, college students expect support and appreciation from their employer, so this is an opportunity to stand out.

4. How does one get to work for you

By clearly stating what you are looking for from application letter and how the recruitment process is progressing, you are facilitating the job seeker’s decision to send the application to you. It will also make it easier for you to go through the applicants when you get the right kind of applications for you.

5. Ask the audience

What are the things that puzzle people when looking for a job or specifically working for you? What do they want to hear and learn? By asking your audience, you will get good ideas and know the most acute problems of your audience. Questions that come up in job interviews or related webinars should also be written down.

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